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These days, game information, advertisements and hype are pushed upon the public well in advance of the release. One of the biggest aspects now of the "MMORPG preseason" is the Beta play. There is almost a bravado as to how early you can get yourself into beta. Statements like "I've been playing this game since Beta 0.001 alpha ...so I know more than you" are quite common on the forums. Funny part is, less than half the people who are granted beta access, truly have any desire to test the game. For many, the definition of beta test is "I am going to play this game for free, if I like it...it passes the test". Still getting into Beta for games like Darkfall and even Stargate and Star Wars: The Old Republic are some of the hottest commodities in MMORPGs.

I thought I would have some fun with numbers. Lets consider recent releases like Warhammer Online where there were >750,000 beta apps, or Age of Conan where over 300,000 applied for. Darkfall Online (Release date set for Feb 25) is rumored to have about 250,000 applications already.

Now, this does not represent the reality of beta invites because there are thousands of players who will receive a beta application ....However, If we assume that everyone who applied for beta has an equal chance and there is only one beta slot left available ...then there is approximately a 1 in 250,000 chance of you getting into Darkfall Online. So, think of that in the context of other occurrences that happen in real life.

I put a few in yellow that I really enjoyed...

What are some other odds to consider
Odds of bowling a 300 game: 11,500 to 1
Odds of getting a hole in one: 5,000 to 1
Odds of Winning an Olympic medal: 662,000 to 1
Odds of winning an Academy Award: 11,500 to 1
Odds of injury from fireworks: 19,556 to 1
Odds of injury from shaving: 6,585 to 1
Odds of injury from using a chain saw: 4,464 to 1
Odds of injury from mowing the lawn: 3,623 to 1
Odds of fatally slipping in bath or shower: 2,232 to 1
Odds of drowning in a bathtub: 685,000 to 1
Odds of being killed sometime in the next year in any sort of transportation accident: 77 to 1
Odds of being killed in any sort of non-transportation accident: 69 to 1
Chance of dying from any kind of injury during the next year: 1 in 1,820
Chance of dying from an assault: 1 in 16,421
Chance of dying from any kind of fall: 1 in 20,666
Chance of dying from accidental drowning: 1 in 79,065
Chance of dying from exposure to smoke, fire, and flames: 1 in 81,524
Chance of dying in an explosion: 1 in 107,787
Odds of being struck by lightning: 576,000 to 1
Odds of being murdered: 18,000 to 1
Odds of dating a supermodel: 88,000 to 1
Odds of dating a millionaire: 215 to 1
Odds of writing a New York Times best seller: 220 to 1
Odds of being considered possessed by Satan: 7,000 to 1
Odds of getting hemorrhoids: 25 to 1
Odds of being audited by the IRS: 175 to 1
Odds of having your identity stolen: 200 to 1
Odds of catching a ball at a major league ballgame: 563 to 1
Odds of becoming a pro athlete: 22,000 to 1
Odds of striking it rich on Antiques Roadshow: 60,000 to 1
Odds of getting a royal flush in poker on first five cards dealt: 649,740 to 1 .
Chance that Earth will experience a catastrophic collision with an asteroid in the next 100 years: 1 in 5,000
Chance of dying in such a collision: 1 in 20,000
Chance of dying from exposure to forces of nature (heat, cold, lightning, earthquake, flood): 1 in 225,107
Chance of dying in an airplane accident: 1 in 354,319
Chance of dying from choking on food: 1 in 370,035
Chance of dying in a terrorist attack while visiting a foreign country: 1 in 650,000
Chance of dying from being bitten by a dog: 1 in 700,000

Just having some fun. Dont take this too seriously. Enjoy
Source: http://www.funny2.com/odds.htm

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