Age of Conan Leveling guide: 1-20
"Tortage, its not just for breakfast anymore"

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Hello all, this article is a detailed walkthrough of the first 20 levels of Age of Conan. This is a followup of a review I wrote on AoC entitled Age of Conan: The Review. "A Great Game with a Fatal Flaw ". Read it HERE. The first levels are a bit of departure from most MMOs since a significant portion of it can be done in solo play. Although there are significant multiplayer elements in the Tortage area this article will focus as much as possible on the Solo-play …also known as Tortage: Nightime because of several factors. First, This is a new game and has a LOT of people interested in playing. As such, these levels can become VERY crowded when this game is released as well as every time a  new server is released. Competition for resources may be frustrating to some.  Second, the play on the PvP servers can be very grueling. Grief is commonplace, as such you will level faster if you spend as much time in the solo-play instances and then leave for the wider more expansive zones you’ll find after Tortage

This walkthrough is detailed and from the standpoint of starting as a Rogue class. Although there are several minor changes between the Rogue and other classes in the Destiny Quest line, they quests are basically the same with small alterations. You will be able to use this walkthrough no matter what class you choose.

I am trying to give you more than just “Go here, now go here…..congrats: your level 20….goodbye! The immersion of this game is some of the best in any such I will try to do it justice with my Walkthrough.

With that preamble….lets begin

Lev 1-5
Lev 5-10
Lev 10-15
Lev 15-20

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