Age of Conan Walkthrough
Tortage: Level 1-20

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Your back, your bigger, your wiser...and your ready to get the hell off this rock! The goal is near. 5 levels and your free. Ok head to the bar and speak with your trainer and begin the Awakening III (Rocky Vs Mr T).
The rogue quest line sends you off to assassinate Ulric. Surprisingly hes the nextdoor neighbor to Nadini (I wonder if he checks her mail when shes on vacation). Its really simple, enter his house and kill everything up to him, and then click his sleeping body and enjoy capital punishment. Not very heroic.

Back to the trainer in the bar and she sends you off to steal the magical Medallion (Have fun storming the castle). This comes in 3 parts. Find a way in, steal the key, and grab the medallion.

Attacking the Castle
Finding a way in is easy. Head to the harbor and go to the cool vendor that sells the magic armor and weapons. Directly across from him is a ladder. Climb, climb again and enter the door.

Upon entering kill the patroller and take a left to his Strom’s bedroom (What self respecting tyrant doesn’t have a frilly bed with plush pillows?). Kill the guard. The treasure room is behind the bed in the corner. Make a note of its location and leave the room then head down the hallways. Dont go down the hole with the ladder…you want XP. Start killing your way down. Kill everything for maximal XP. The main hall has a lot of patrols, hide when you get there and get a sense of the patrol pattern. Pull groups to the steps and fight on the steps. Kill everyone in the hall and all that’s left is Strom , drunkon the floor by his throne, just click him to get the key. For maxinmal XP kill everyone on the opposite side of the hall from Strom.. lot of guards there. After everyones dead, just head up the ladders behind Stroms throne which will take you back to the top hallway where you entered. Back to the bedroom (Pink sheets?!?!?) and enter the treasure room. Grab the medallion and your out.

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Once you've hit level 15, go speak to Sigurd in the Thirsty Dog Inn. He will tell you that Tina has been cursed and that you need to take a medallion to Nadini. Go to her and she'll tell you that the only way to cure Tina is to fetch sacred water at the White Sands Isle. However, when you leave Nadini's house, you will be arrested. After a cutscene, you will find yourself locked up in a cell with a Red Hand Torturer. Kill the torturer and loot the interrogation room key, then you can open the prison door. Move out and through the door on the right. Kill the miniboss and the scribe, then continue down the stairst on the right then take left through the door, down the stairs and you should be standing on a wooden spiral staircase.

Go down and take the door on the left, down some more stairs and make a right. Now you should be on the main floor. There are several mobs here, so look out or you'll be swarmed. Head to the right and fight your way to the door which will be directly ahead of you, at the end of the hall. Once you've escaped, head to the White Sands Isle to fetch the sacred water for Tina. Once you're there, go to the left to the climbing spot and get up from the beach. Go directly ahead and climb the second vine. Take to the left and follow the path along the shore. Towards the end there will be a group of Swamp Snivels and a boss will spawn. Bringing health potions is a good idea for this fight. When you're done, enter the cave and walk to the water where the moon shines through and press U to use it.

Now, head back to the Thirsty Dog Inn. Tina's room is up the stairs and in the left corricdor all the way down on the left. Enter the room and stand next to Tina's bed. Press U while targetting Tina to heal her. Now speak to Sigurd.

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Its Crammy Time! Talk to Crammy and he sends you off back to the loving arms of Mithrell, who is still alone in her deserted killed everyone..echo, echo,echo. Speak with mithrell who is still unhappy (Forgot the flowers, didnt you). She sends you off to Kill three guards at the 'Rum and rumble' (Authentic hibachi). Head down to the harbor and up the ship on stilts. There are 3 miniboss guards. 1 on the first level and 2 on the upper. They are set non agro. Speak with one of them and you are given a choice buy him a drink and he will not bother you, or just insult him and attack (Hmm, tough choice...let's see...barbaric medieval setting, Rated M for mature, chance of seeing human decapitation...yea, run em through!). Speak to and kill each one individually, dont worry they dont agro one another.

Back to Crammy then Back to Mithrell. Mithrell is going to give strom the undead tyrant of Tortage a good talking to (yea, like that will work). She tels you to head into the underhalls and find the secret enterence into Strom's fortress. Head into the underhalls below the temple of Mitra outside the main gate (as before). Head down and to the left, up the stairs and straight to the dungeons. Turn left and go straight. Instead of going left or going right which would take you into the cell blocks...go straight up the small steps in the middle. There you find the gate up to Strom's keep. However, do not enter it. Max XP time! Turn around and kill everything and everyone. Dont forget the sewers and askias areas. Once everything is dead, head to the gate

Enter the keep and Mithrell will be waiting for you. Speak with her and you will cut to a quest movie entitled "When egos attack!" Do not go near strom and Mithrell ...Mithrell told you not to. So, of course, I did. Get close enough and Strom 1-hits you in his level 80 Uber-liciousness. When you rez, we can do it the correct way. Head into the main hall and kill everyone taking care not to get to close to Strom. Head to the opposite side of the hall from where strom and Mithrell are, on the right side you'll see a 'defender of the archives' (we call them librarians). Kill him and go up the steps. Basically follow the path of things to kill. At the end youll see books down the hallway. Head in and kill all the guards (with your riteous fury against all librarians) and head up the steps. There you will cut to a movie of bartholomo speaking with 2 guards. After the movie, kill the guards and bartholomo runs for it. Head back down and speak with Mithrell back at the main hall. Afterwards its back to Crammy to tell him the news.

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Go to Bartholomo's shop. You can find it between the Rum'n'Rumble and the poor district. Bartholomo is standing in his usual spot outside the shop. Talk to him and then head out of Tortage through the gate and go towards Mithrelles Mansion, but when you get to the place where the path branches, you take the path to the far right across the water. Head into the poisonous fog after slapping on some healing spells.

Bartholomo's wife is easily found if you just keep to the right along the wall. When you have the bracelet, go back to Bartholomo and speak to him, then go to the main entrance of the Tortage Keep and enter. Step into the main hall and go up the two sets of stairs on the right. Step into the corridor, then down the stairs on the left- Continue through the rooms and on the top of the wooden stairs you go right and you will find Isleen. Talk to her, then go back to the main floor and facing the door to Tortage, go right up the stairs. Kill the mini boss and loot the chest behind him. Go back to Isleen and give her the uniform, then take her back to the exit. Go to Belesa and talk to her.

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Lev 17-19 ...the missing link
Back to the bar and your trainer. If you killed everyone you should be at or very close to lev 17 now. Big letdown, you now have to wait till your lev 19 before you can finish it off. So back to daylight and the 3 outdoor zones. The PVErs should be ok to grind out the last 2 levels. The PvPers will be harder out there, but at least now your at a respectable level to defend yourself. My suggestion is head to white sands Isle. It’s the easiest to grind to 19 in my opinion.

Whichever instance you choose, just choose one and stick with it. Get any and all quests in Tortage for your level and go. You can do it!

One player suggests killing adders in The Ruins. They were a Big help for lvls 17-20.
If you are a rogue then you can sneak attack them for half health. They give abaout 100-164xp each
Plus there is a boss there that gives 300xp and is easy to kill.

End Game! Killing Strom and getting off this rock!
Ok Lev 19 ..that wasn’t too hard was it? was?!?! …man you better go back to playing mindsweeper. OK Head back into the bar and now talk to Valerius (You’d recognize her from such classic films as ‘Xena: the musical’). The town is rising up and its your chance to lead the troops. Head out of the bar and fires are all around you. Honestly this is one of the coolest endings to a quest I’ve seen in my MMO career (can I call this a career?). Find the Bad red hand guards, kill them. Head down to the Market. There is a wall of sticks! A Wall of sticks? I just killed 2000 red hand guards between lev 1 and 19, and they put up a wall of sticks for protection! Destroy the sticks with your ego. And move through. Now the market is a huge fight. The red hand guards are running around, the townsfolk and fighting. OMG the harlots are beating the crap out of the red hand guards! Go Harlots! Turoch…booyah!!! However, do NOT get involved. You see a message on your screen to bypass the ‘scirmish’ ...its all eye candy. If you do jump in the never ending red hand guards will overwhelm you eventually. There is a miniboss at the far end of the market…go and kill him.

Move on down towards the lighthouse. Killing guards and dogs along the way. Another wall of sticks?!? Someone has to have a talk with the Tortage defense minster. Through the sticks and onto the far dock where you will meet Sacumbe. Sacumbe looks like a guy  who just returned from a buy1 get 1 free Mascara sale. Still he packs a mean whallup. He has a couple of friends. Try to kill him first then his guards.

Past Sacumbe you kill your way to the Lighthouse. Around the lighthouse and onto the ship. There lies Strom, in all his level 21 glory. Youmove onto the ship and a seemingly neverending stream of minions comes out. Try to fight  on the plank that leads onto the boat. If you get into trouble, jump into the water, and swim to shore. Rest up and head back. Eventually the minions die down and you pull Strom at range. This part is actually anticlimactic for me. Strom is a wimp. Kill him, kick some sand into his face and steal his girlfriend. You are done!! Head on back towards the lighthouse and youll see the quest NPC. He will take you off the tortage Rock and back to your homeland. However, you do have the option of staying and picking on those lower than you (PvP servers) or onto glorey!!

That’s it, well done. I hope the read was enjoyable. Obviously the first 20 levels is a small part to this game. Depending on the response to this I will write more. If you like it, let me know at

There are walkthroughs for grinding to 80 and PvP Guides. See them HERE and help this site in the process.

Thanks all and grats!

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