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You can have a profound impact and contribute to our site in many ways. Contribution in any of the below areas entitles you to access special burial ground objects which you can place in your character monuments. These objects will be available to all your characters you currently have listed as well as any you place in the future. Look below to see how you can help.

Chose any of the following
1. Place your characters in a signature file
2. Looking for webhosting for your site?
    Try the one I use
3. Advertise with us!!
4. Send screenshots of your favorite MMORPG
5. Create a new 3d object
6. Donate and help this site

If you have done any of these, just send me an email at . Once I recieve the email I will set up all of your characters to have full use of all monument objects. Any future character you create wil also have full access. Thanks for all your help

Place your characters link in a signature file

When you create or edit existing characters, we provide a BBcode link to your character's page.

BBCode is an abbreviation for Bulletin Board Code. It is also called forum codes. These codes are used by most of the forums on the main MMORPG sites such as, Vault Network, Onrpg and others. Simply highlight the bbcode link and place them as a part of your signature. This gives viewers of any post you make an easy link back to your character. This is a great way to increase the number of people who will visit and learn about your characters. This also helps us by getting the word out about this site. Thanks!

If you have created your characters already and want to get the BBcode links, simply LOGIN. If you did not register when you created your character, send us a message at and we will email you the code.


Looking for Web Hosting for your site?

If you have a site, or an idea for a website and are looking for a good place to host it. Consider the web hosting company I use. By chosing it, you get a great web host and you help this site out at the same time. When I began this project I knew very little about web hosting but I knew I wanted something that will give me CGI, and FLASH capabilities, lots of space and a lot of bandwidth (I need it for all those FLASH monuments). Dot5Hosting did it, and cheaply ($4.95/month). Since I started this site, I've been very happy with Dot5Hosting as my provider. Give them a look. This link will send you to their information page so you can learn more about them. If you do sign up, send me an email at and I will set up all of your current and future characters to have full use of all monument objects. Thanks for helping!


Advertise with us!

We are a small but growing website. We are fortunate that our site embodies several constatnts in the MMORPG world: players love their characters, players love to show off their characters, players will always move on to new games. This site is unique and stands out from the numerous MMORPG news and forum sites. The site has been well recieved by all players allowing us to touch any number of people within the genre, no matter the game. Each month we see a steady increase in the sites usage... take a look at the site's numbers HERE.

Placed to the side of every character's monument (and several other features within the site), we ensure that the advertisements are seen, but are not obtrusive. Because of this, only text links are used. However, we are mindful of the number of ads that go onto the site. This means your ad will have very little competition from other advertisements. As all ads are text, you do not have to worry about creating or competing against fancy flash banners..everyone is on an even playing field.

There are certain advertisements that I will not allow on this site. Advertisements for in game currency is forbidden. Advertisements for adult oriented sites will be refused. Items with adult content, like manga/ anime / comics will be allowed but a note of adult content will be placed in the link message. Each advertisement will be reviewed for accuracy and function prior to its implimentation.

We also offer sponsored objects for placement in character monuments. Sponsored objects are some of the best items and highly used. Any player who wants to place that object into the monument can do so free, but would need to visit your site. New objects and animations can be created at your request and designed to your preference.

I am a realist, this site is young by many standards and doesnt have the traffic yet that many would consider impressive. As such the cost of these links would be extreemly low. This is a great opportunity to get your advertisement in a site with HUGE growth potential at extreemly small cost.

If you want to take advantage of this opportunity or just have questions , please feel free to email at


Send us some Screenshots of MMORPGs you play

As this site continues to evolve, I plan to initiate more MMORPG specific monument zones. To do this I will use screenshots of terrain from the actual games. You can assist by submitting screenshots of games which you have played. Use the following guidelines in submitting

Screenshots should be from first person view at about eye level
No user interface should be showing in the screenshot
No animals, mobs or other players in the screenshot.
No game initiated partical effects (flames, weather) in the screenshot

Please send all Screenshot submissions to Thanks for all your help

Create 3D Objects

Didn't see an object you would like to have in your character's monument? If not, and you have sone experience with 3d object creation, then send me the object you would like to have added in. I will render and install the object into the monument creation program. I prefer if the submissions were in the .3ds format, however any format can be converted and should be ok. Please dont download object files from another site and submit them, I wish to keep the files here unique. Just attach the 3d object file and send it to


Paypal Donations

All options offered on this site is free, and I hope that you find it useful. If you'd like to support future development and new features, please make a (non-tax-deductible) donation via PayPal - a secure online banking service. These donations are used to cover my ongoing expenses - web hosting, domain registrations, and software and hardware purchases.Small donations can add up. This will allow me to obtain better software, graphics, and animation to improve your character's monument as well as everyone elses. These funds will assist me in purchasing items like the following...
XFrog Trees ($15)
Carrara 6 ($249)
Particle Illusion 3 ($399)
and others.


$1 donation

$2 donation

$3 donation

The above method of donating is secure. PayPal guarantees your privacy and security. I never receive details of your payment other than the amount, your name, and your optional entered information.

Many thanks to those of you have already made a donation. It is truly appreciated. Thank you for your support!