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Find a MMORPG based on desired features
Here you can select specific features you want in a game like cost, genre , etc. Then you can rank by gameplay aspects that are important to you, Such as PVE or PvP gameplay, population, performance and support, etc. The rankings of these games are a consensus based on my review of literally hundreds of player and professional reviews losted above. This code is NOT meant to automatically find the right game for you, but to point you in the general direction and help you create a list of games to consider. This list is not all emcompasing and I hope to add more as time goes on. Games currently in Beta ARE NOT Listed.

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Choose Payment Model Choose Genre of Game Choose Graphic Style
Choose any number of desired features ranked in the order of Most important to least important.
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Find where players of a game are now playing
Simply enter the game that you have played, and the code will search our database to find out where players from that game have gone to.

There are many sources of information on MMORPGs out there including parsed data, Blogs, website reviews, and news sources. Yet finding a new MMORPG is cumbersome. MMORPG Information is not easily obtained in any one place and on those sites where it is, you have to read a lot of pages.

So the information is out there, but it still takes a lot of work to answer a simple question "What game should I try?" Thankfully Several sites have significant peer and player reviews. Using these, and actually reading the player reports on those sites, I have compiled a consensus rating of over 80 MMORPGs in various Areas of interest. This online code that will give you the ability to easily search for MMORPGs based on YOUR wants and interests . I do not promise to be able to provide you exactly the right mmorpg for you, but I hope you will find this area useful for solid leads of games to look into.
The MMORPG finder code uses information from various sourses including
Our own character Database
Reviews from MMORPG.Com,, TenTonHammer, GlobalMMO
data from,

There are currently 2 ways to search for a new Game
1. Find where players which played a certain game are now playing
2. Find a MMORPG based on desired features that are important to you

TheCoding and design of these features is based on an article I wrote entitles "How to find a new MMORPG"
You can read it HERE

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