The MORPG Character Monuments
No forums for me

I finally came to the conclusion that the net did NOT need yet another discussion board. MMORPG sites are now very prevolant across the web, each one has a forum. With so many forums the topics and the discussion gets diluted. In the end we have a lot of websites each with a small amount of topics that get discussed over and over again because people on one forum site doesnt know the same topic was already covered one another site.

For this I decided to make this page to link visitors to forums Ive found and thought others may find useful. If you know of a good site with an active forum board. Just email me and let me know at Admin@TheBurialGrounds.Com

Remember to put your character's monument link in your signature files for these board sites. This way everyone can learn more about your characters.

Main Boards The Mega boards Huge number of boards with a very active forum. Discussions mainly on P2P (Pay to Play /monthly fee) MMORPGs. One of my favorite.s
ONrpg Same as above but focuses on F2P (Free to Play/ no monthly fees). Many of the MMORPGs here have a distinct oriental feel.
Vault Network A very large network of boards for many MMORPGs.
MMOsite A very large MMO discussion site

Game Specific Special Boards for specific groups playing MMORPGs
Warhammer The Main Warhammer: Age of Reckoning forums.
Age of Conan The main Age of Conan forums

Special Boards Special Boards for specific groups playing MMORPGs
MMOGDATA Always asked for but difficult to find. this site provides data on MMORPG subscription numbers and market share. It also has boards and discussion on online games?