The MMORPG Character Monuments
Monument Creation Tutorial

Creating your charcter's custom memorial can be very simple. To use the customization will grant you access to many different looks and items that are not available on the monument templates. Below is a quick tutorial on how to use the monument creation interface. If you have any questions, please feel free to send a message to



There are many monument zones in which to place your characters. Each one has multiple terrains that follow a specific theme or screenshots from a particular game. The monument zones shown at the top are generic zones, whereas the ones on the bottem contain enviornments from specific games. Simply select one of the monument zones by clicking on the desired icon. Dont worry, if you dont like the terrains in one zone, you can return to this screen to explore others. i will keep adding more as I am able, so remember to check back.



In each monument zone (Snowlands, Forrest, etc) there are at least 3 different terrains which can be selected using the terrain selection buttons. Each terrain is designed to adjust to different times of the day (Day, night, sunset). To change the time of day just select either the day, night or sunset icons. Each time of the day has at least 4 different skies (cloudy, clear, etc) which you can select using the sky selection buttons. This gives you great control and variety in setting the mood of your monument scene. It is usually best to set up your terrain and sky before placing any objects within your scene. However, you may change terrains and skies at any time and it will not affect objects you have already placed.



There is a variety of objects that can be placed into your character's monument scene. The objects are grouped according to the select menu. Within each menu there will be multiple different objects that you can scroll through using the arrows in the bottem right corner. As you scroll through the different objects within the object menu a thumbnail image will appear to show you what the object looks like. The name of the object will appear in the box at the top. To place an object in the scene window, press the Create button when the desired object is displayed in the thumbnail window.



By clicking the select menu button (See step 3 above) you will find a full list of object catagories. Each catagory is filled with many objects such as weapons, armor, statues, animated fires, etc. When you bring up this menu simply click on one of the catagory buttons. The new thumbnail images will then be loaded which you can view and select for placement into your scene. you can then change menues again to add different types of objects. Some objects have sophisticated animations and particle effects. You will find these objects in the special object menus. These objects are generally sponsored to aid this site.



To place an object in the scene window, press the Create button when your desired object is displayed in the thumbnail window. This will place the object image in the middle of scene window display. To selete the object for manipulation, move the mouse over the object and left click. The object can be moved anywhere within the scene window.

Due to flash depth restrictions, the first objects you place in the scene window will be the lowest on the depth order for the scene (Furthest back; most distant). This means that any subsequent objects that you place into the scene will appear in front of objects that have already been placed. This requires some forthought into the scene before you begin placing objects. Place distance objects first, then create and place objects that are closer in the scene.

Some objects are animated in their final form (i.e fire and smoke objects). These objects will not be animated in creation interface, however you will see the animations after the scene is saved.



Objects placed into the scene can be deleted and removed using the delete button. Simply select the object and click the delete button once. This will clear the selected object from the scene window display and it will not appear in the final compiled scene.

Objects may be duplicated using the clone button. To do so, select the object you wish to duplicate and click the clone button. Cloned objects will be placed in the middle of the scene window display and will have the same size and rotation as its original.



Objects placed within the scene are at thier default size. To ensure no quality or detail loss, some objects were purposefully made large. To adjust the size of objects (bigger or smaller) simply select the desired object and then click the increase or decrease size arrows. The larger arrows will incriment the size by 10% while the smaller arrows will incriment by 1%.

Objects can also be rotated in a similar fashion. Select the object to manipulate and then click the rotation arrows. Objects may be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise. The larger arrows will change the rotation by 15 degrees while the smaller arrows will change the rotation by 1 degree.

Some objects are animated in the final scene. These objects cannot be rotated or have the object size changed.

Some monument creation zones have foreground objects. These objects will always be in front of any object you place into the scene. Foreground objects can be removed from your scene or replaced using the foreground element toggle buttons.



The save button will save your monument settings and forward you to the character display page where your characters information (Name, game, server etc, which you entered in prior to the monument selection) and your custom monument (with animations) will be displayed.

The preview button will open a new window and preview your scene as it will appear on your characters page. This will include all animations. Its a good idea to preview your scene several times and make sure its just right before saving it.

The reset button will clear all objects and reset the monument creation interface to its initial default state. You can clear the monument interface at any time.



Selecting the change terrain button will erase all objects in the scene and bring you back to the monument zone selection screen (see above step 1). From here you can select a new terrain for your character's monument. Remember, by returning to the monument zone selection screen you will erase any objects that you have placed.

Thats it! Any questions? If so, send me an email at Admin@TheBurialGrounds.Com