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This is my first site working specifically on SEO. This came out of a challenge to myself to write a code to figure out where all my webpages were on the search engines. Without me having to visit each and entering the data myself. Course, after I did this I found that several other sites did this code. A bunch more make you pay for this info. Well, IM happy with what I did. Google , by far, was the hardest nut to crack.

This site came out of my hatred for paying $4.05/gallow gas in 2008. Even though prices are down now, I know things are only going to get worse. However, this crisis put the USA in the same frame of mind, time to start looking elsewhere than fossil fuels. I wanted to learn more about solar and win, and so this site was born to point me, and others in the right direction.

Iíve been a player of MMORPGs for a LONG LONG Time (Anyone remember MUDS?). This was my first baby. I learn CGI/Perl, Flash, Hlml and ..well, everything from my creation of this site. It aint the most beautiful, nor is it the smoothest, but like your first romance, its just the best.

This was a great excursion into a very fun MMORPG. Warhammer online is a great game if you just want to duke it out with about a million other players. 2 sides, 3 races a side and a lot of bad blood between each. Having a blast playing it. This site gives a lot of inside info on how to get ahead.

World of Warcraft is a great MMORPG. Probably the best this genre of game has seen (or perhaps will see). 10 million people playing it means there is a lot of people looking for info. This site provides it.

Darkfall is a true sandbox MMO with full loot pvp, city building, ship building and more. Rough around the edges but A very promising MMORPG.

Champions online is one of the newest MMOs to be released. A welcomed change from the fantasy dominated genre, this MMO is solely based on becoming super heroes and heroines. A great PVE game.

Aion is a huge fantasy world first developed in Korea and then spread to Europe and North America. Unlike most Asian games, this one is so good that it can make the transition to western audiances. Intense attention to detail makes the game nearly flawless

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