Elvaan Dragoon
Final Fantasy XI (Fairy)
His meteoric rise to level 45 as a Dragoon is legendary. From simple beginnings as a San d'Orian Monk, Tokar made friends quickly. Never having much gil, he made due with the things he found while in numerous hunting parties. After finally reaching the elusive level 30 in his primary Monk class, he did much searching the lands. Finally finding the means to become a historic Dragoon, he took on the mantle and donned his lance with pride. In a mere month and a half, Tokar reached 45th level. His life was on the fast track, until disaster struck. His player got a new job and didn't have time to play. His lance now lays dormant. Rygor, his dragon, has entered into an indefinite hibernation-like slumber.

Tokar can now be found on Guild Wars Within the Ranks of Franternal Order of Yaks

Tokar was last updated on Sat Nov 3 09:27:19 2007

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