Crysania Riverblade
Elf Mage
An elven sorceress who joined the Regulators after a battle in which they aided her. Crysania was a brave mage who fought tirelessly for the causes of freedom and justice. She was a stalwart ally who when working in tandem with her fellow mage Venger used her spells to devastating effect.

She was slain by an ensorcelled companion while she was sleeping and Venger was abroad saving allies in the field of battle. She will be missed for her humor and all around zest for life...She leaves behind stalwart companions and a small son to be watched over by Venger.

Achievements: Crysania was amongst the second group of companions to help to bolster the ranks of the Regulators when Anton and many others were slain...She dedicated her life to justice and constantly poked fun at Venger...Crysania was a true companion and friend who will be missed by all who knew her.
Crysania Riverblade (8th level Mage)

Crysania Riverblade can now be found on World of Warcraft

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