Human Druid
EverQuest (Bertoxxulous)
Hail and well met,

Born on release, Dooger the human druid, was a traveler and friend of many during the early years of Bertoxxulous. His life was full with the golden age of MMORPG experiences. A member of Talons of the Pheonix then later Talon Guard, he reached a near impossible level 50 while kiting Wasps in Kunark. Like so many others, Hoknar, Narayan, Nehna, Lilliona, Aluii, Lilli, Remolwen, Steerpike, March and many many others.. He now rests forever on the shores of Lake Wraith. All of his friends have passed, his memory is only faded remnants of a very few.

I will miss you fellows.
I can only hope to remember all of my friend on the shores of Lake Wraith.

Dooger was last updated on Thu Nov 29 12:23:17 2007

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