Britney of Whitebridge
Half-elf Rogue
The Regulators
Dungeons & Dragons Online
Britney joined the Regulators after botched pick pocket attempt. She literally
jumped into the arms of our Ranger and claimed no wrong doing of course.
He believed her and after beating off the merchant and his bodyguard
Britney was welcomed into the Regulators.

While during the short time of her stint with the Regulators Britney showed
she was much more than a run of the mill thief and proved this several times
over with her uncanny swordsmanship. She developed a Relationship
with the Ranger Merrick Pindanon and became pregnant.

It was at this time that the Regulators were forced to go to the Blight and
reseal the prison of Shai-Tan the dark one. Britney met her death while travelling
through the Blight after the group survived a battle with a lich it cursed Britney
to always be hit by anyhting that attacked her. Later during the journey
the Regulators fought against Man-Scorpians and while aiding her
companions Britney was fatally stung to death by the Man-Scorpians.

Achievements: Britney was among the second group of stalwart adventurers
to fill the ranks of the Regulators when many of the originals died in combat.
She was a good friend who always had a ready smile and a kind word for
those in need of either. She truly was worthy of being a Regulator.
Tel Quiathon Britney May your light shine in the afterlife as
brightly as it did on those who knew you.

Britney of Whitebridge 7th level Thief.

Britney of Whitebridge was last updated on September 14 2007

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