Serena Blackthorn
Human Psionicist
Four Horsemen
Serena was born a poor orphan child with two sisters. They basically raised themselves. She learned the art of wizardry from a local mage and showed great potential. Her twin sister died shortly after they began adventuring, leaving Serena very bitter.

Later, Serena came under the companionship of a group that was to be her companions over the millenia during which they were propelled through time, shifted into new forms, reduced in age, and made gods, only to have the power later stripped. Serena Blackthorn, along with Tyler Silvaris, Logan Shadowfrost, and Shane Courtwright, became known through the worlds as the Four Horsemen. Even gods were known to fear them.

In later years, Serena learned that she was not a half-elf at all, but that her father had been of the race called Reigar. Realizing this, Serena quickly gained the powers of her true race.
Shortly thereafter, a magical curse inflicted upon her by Tiamat, the party's mortal enemy, consumed her to the point of death. We remaining Horsemen remember you in pain, Serena. If only the gods could grant you what Tiamat has taken. Farewell, our sister.
Serena "Seralynda Draco" Blackthorn Reigar/Psionicist 13th level

Serena Blackthorn can now be found on Age of Conan

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