Human Fighter
The Regulators
Mardigan joined the Regulators on their first mission to slay the
Vampire Lord Vardue. He was a great swordsman who fought valiantly
for the cause of good. He accompanied the Regulators on many of their
early quests and usually got the girl at the end of them.

Unfortunately Mardigan's habits of drinking and womanizing put a rift
between him and the rest of the of the Regulators. He left on his own to
seek adventure without telling the party and he was beheaded by a Deathknight.

Achievements: Mardigan was a great warrior for the cause of good who
always tried to do the right thing. Even though his decisions and addictions
led to his death Mardigan was still a good companion who will be missed.

Mardigan 6th level fighter.

Mardigan can now be found on World of Warcraft

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