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Young Tadzig Crimsonsteel was the last in a long line of orcs of the Crimsonsteel clan. After his father Grog died at the hands of the alliance, he swore vengence and took up the bow and axe and became a hunter of the horde. Many battles he fought and won agianst overwhelming tides of the night elves (all named legolas, oddly.). Many terrible beasts did he slay for the glory of the horde. He was a general in the horde warclan the Art of War and there did he best thousands of foes alongside his comrades, Liehoa, Tanker, and many more. But then, even as he was leading a group of 3 men to reclaim the sunken temple's treasures, Disaster struck the horde. Dark gods called Blizzard came and overthrew Thrall and the horde, turning the horde back to it's dark daemon worshiping ways. Even the evil BLOOD ELVES were invited into the horde. The impact was devastating. The Art of War fell apart, the allaince grew tenfold in number, and the horde burned with the demonic power of the blood elves even as the world itself unravled. Tadzig never saw the end of the horde. Last time he was seen he had cast away his armour, and was heading into the dark void of the maelstrom. It is said he later emerged in a parelell universe, one uncannely similer to azeroth but different all the same. It is said he became a great lord of the WAAAGH there. But we may never know. (untill WAR comes out.)

Crimsonsteel can now be found on Warhammer Online [Only-war server Server] Within the Ranks of None

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