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Dungeons & Dragons Online
Aurelia was a brave and clever elven warrior from the Third Dominion. He people lived in peace among the emrald tranquility, until Gio, a locust....a vampire of sorts saw fit to utilize the assets of the Third.
Gio wasn't a vampire in the conventional sense but that the world was his cup of life truly and exclusively allowing him to draw energy from any and all beings with a spirit worth taking.

Though the elven people fought bravely and eventually drove Gio out and onto the Fourth, Aurelia was slain by the man himself, being shocked out of herself and into the nothingness of Gio's soul by his directed source of negative energy, driving her from her body and mind, and pulling her into him and his recesses.

She has left her three sisters, Arabella, Genevieve, and Shanon, also her younger brother Dominik......her mother was also left behind, unaware of her daughter's passing, as she is in the Fifth Dominion, birthing her sixth child according to custom

Aurelia was last updated on September 14 2007

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