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World of Warcraft (Smolderthorn)
Amarll was soposed to be an alt rogue on a friend's server. He then decided to twink out a rogue. So I was familiar with merchanting having it my favorite aspect of the game-economy and buying/selling. I at first thought; is this REALLY a good idea to twink? I've always didn't like them. He promoted me and I made myself do it. I made about 150g in a week and was able to get my friend to rush me through instances to get the gear I need. So I was going well and everything. I finally was able to twink him out. I then thought, "wow this is pretty cool" I enjoyed it and played on him everyday. I found a guild accepting twinks. So I joined. I enjoyed it a lot and was able to become one of the most skilled twinks in the server an "accomplishment" I suppose. I met tons of people and enjoyed it. One day; we assign pupals to the officers so we may be able to test their skill and ability to play. I was just seeing this warrior in duels and battleground. He was average and we became really good friends. He then turned on me and backstabbed me. I was devistated for we even had created ranks called "Amarll" and "Deldrimo" and etc. for those good enough for it. I got striped of my rank kicked out of the guild and outlawed. I was absolutely devistated. Then this thing happened to me. I met a warrior playing a game. I found him to be pretty good and so we dueled a couple times and stuff. Considering he was a new person to the server, and everyone scolded me, etc. So I decided to level out with him. I then became TIGHT. We created a guild with some of his transfer friends and 1 or 2 of mine. The guild was called Nemesis; we were unstoppable in 20-29 30-39 40-49. We shared every moment together, I loved this guild like they were my brothers and 2 sisters :P. We only ran inhouse instances, inhouse BGs, etc. I was so proud of my friend and this guild. One day I ran across a road block in life. I quit and said my farewells. I tried not to quit, but it was an obvious choice for me to pick. It was hard and I wanted to make this monument to this char. and I want to thank all my friends in both Paragon and Nemesis. I loved this char. a ton. I quit and deleted him awhile ago and I now troll the forums like a sour old man. I regret quitting but it had to be done. I to this day miss every single one of my friends in Nemesis and Paragon.

Amarll can now be found on Warhammer Online

Amarll was last updated on Wed Mar 12 18:56:47 2008

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