Highlander Armsman
Dark Age of Camelot (Pendragon)
Arathin was my first character in DAoC, and my favourite. I created him the very day the game was released and played him ever since. I made many alts, but they just ended up being deleted and I returned to Arathin again. I never joined a guild as I usually prefer to not join them in MMORPGs. Unfortunately my account was hacked on the 21st of December 2007, and all my characters were deleted. Without Arathin, DAoC just wasn't the same anymore. So I quit and am now waiting for Age of Conan to be released. When it is, I shall recreate Arathin and hopefully have even more fun than I did in DAoC. :)

Arathin can now be found on Age of Conan

Arathin was last updated on PDate

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