Tauren Warrior
World of Warcraft (Lothar)
I was proud to be a member of slackers. Outnumbered 4:1 by the alliance yet we still accomplished as much as any alliance guild could. we did so by keeping an eye on our goal and not becoming so hard core.

Alas, World of Warcraft is a game that does not equate success with casual. In this game success breeds discontent. From there on, with each achievement we fell closer into 'Hard core'. Eventually we accepted ourselves as such. It was then my time was at an end.

I am proud to have been called a slacker ...I hold dear all those I fought along side. It is my hope that with the advent of a new game, will develope a new guild philosophy. I blame WoW for the rise and destruction of so many guilds.

So help me, I'll not play that game again.

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