Mystic knights
I played runescape for 3 and a half years. i began in runescape classic and began on a first-mmo experience that still affects my today. i began in rs1 and within half a year rs2 came out. at the time of rs2 my combat lev was 31. i spent most of my early times exploring, not really concentrating on leveling. a year past and i focused more and more on range combat- i saw my ultimate goal- 99 range and defence. i began to love it over the other combat styles. i raised my level higher, and eventually an into deamonseed, who was requiting for mystic knights, my first actual guild/clan. i spent a year and a half in there (and to this day no other clan has surpassed the amount of fun and excitment that guild brought.) , and became rather well known in the clan world. i was eventually kicked out when the leader had gone on a booting frenzy, and over half the clan left. at that point i started liking the game less and less, as i hopped around different small clans trying to get the same thrills i had in MK.
i took a few breaks, and returned to the game, but still did not get the fun i had before.
i looked to lesser methods of fun, conning people in the game to succeed, and make myself wealthy. what brought me to fully close the doors to the game was the removal and replacement of the pvp combat area- the wilderness.
it was the only reason i had stayed in the game, but i stayed for a little bit longer, to achieve the goals i had set out for a long time ago. i got 99 range and 99 defense, with relatively low other combat skills-(made me a twink/semipure/tank/not appearing to be a major threat, yet very powerful.)
in my final day on the game I sold all my items, and looked from afar and i had seen i had accomplished everything i wanted to in the game.
i was rich, i had 99 range and 99 defence,
and other 90+ skills, but they were not my first goals.
through the grand exchange, implemented a little bit before i left the game,
i have all my money on my character( over 400m)
set to be buying bronze medium helmets, my signature item in the game.

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