Halfling Warrior
Warriors of Wrath
EverQuest (Cazic-Thule/Brell Serilis)
Ceissa was my very first character in Everquest when it launched in March of 1999. I played her up to level 65. She is my most beloved character because I have had her for 10 years now. My EQ account is still active because I just don't have the heart to let her go. Everquest was the first MMO I ever played and is the one that got me addicted to playing them to this day.

She was also a member of Ittie Bittie Brigade for a while when Warriors of Wrath was going through some internal hardships.

Ceissa Desiste can now be found on The Lord of the Rings Online [Silverlode Server] Within the Ranks of Masters of Spirits

Ceissa Desiste was last updated on Thu May 29 13:48:19 2008

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