Half Elf Druid
Legion of Feir Dal
EverQuest (Rodcet Nife)
EQ I - Balior the Half Elf Druid played for 4 years, quit just after The Shadows of Luclin expansion. The guild went from Legion of Feir Dal, to Hawkwoods Legion to Cascade Point.
DAOC - Balior the Highlander Minstrel played for a few years on the Bors server with the guild Dark Bane at its early start.
EQ II - Balior the High Elf Warden has played for 4 years on the Everfrost server with the guild Viet Armis.

Balior can now be found on EverQuest II [Everfrost Server] Within the Ranks of Viet Armis

Balior was last updated on PDate

There are 39 others from EverQuest.
There are 2 from the Rodcet Nife server!
There are 35 Druids here!
There are 9 Half Elfs!

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