Night Elf Druid
World of Warcraft (Steamwheedle Cartel)
Little Aerdrie is my oldest surviving World of Warcraft character, created in December of '04. Thoughout the rise of Warcraft, Aerdrie saw it all, from nerfs to buffs, to Druid love and hate, through different specs, different mounts, reputations, instances, and beloved friends.
World of Warcraft was my first MMO, and thus is still dear to me, even though I am not currently subscribed. My little Druid began a tradition of love for Druidic and Healing classes in other games, and will continue to reincarnate throughout many worlds, and see every horizon with me still.

As for the original Aerdrie, she will return to her homeland, Ashenvale Forest, and await the coming of the Lich King.

Aerdrie was last updated on Mon Jun 16 12:23:22 2008

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