Stygian HoX
Age of Conan (Mannanan)
My First Character on AoC. I feel that I was lucky that I choose HoX. With all the issues surrounding AoC after release, HoX remained a challenging, balanced and most importantly FUN class to play.

Found a good guild and now that IM hitting 80, times are getting better as Guild PvP is starting up.

Watch out Mannanan. I'm the guy with the fiery sword.

Xiode can now be found on Warhammer Online [Mannanan Server] Within the Ranks of Order of Gintorva

Xiode was last updated on Wed Feb 25 20:44:34 2009

There are 25 others from Age of Conan.
There are 2 from the Mannanan server!
There are 2 from the Order of Gintorva guild!
There are 9 Stygians!

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