Da Black Orc Tank Boyz
Guild? Wat do ya mean?
Warhammer Online (Isle of Death)

Isle of Death server, somewhere in the blighted Isles...

Da day was at an end, the sun's low on the horizon. Huge dark ships had just git to da Blighted Isles with Greenies to help da Dark Skinnies smash the otha skinnies (an' dat made no sense but need not to, killin' was reason enough). I's among them, me name's Gnaarl an' ama black orc boy c'ming from da old stunties keep o' Karak-Varn in da world edge mount'ns (but now da place belong to we, da Orcs).

I's was told by som' dark skinny that we da boyz need to git back da Shrine o' Khaine an' dat some Skinny Warboss was ther' wit his lads. I's was glad to show da frail dark skinnies dat we Orcs was da stronga, so me an' 2 otha boyz took gobbos with us and followed 'hem. There was 2 gobbos in our war band, 1 was followin' me with a stick an' was braggin' bout som' plan befor da battle, I's think he was weak. Da otha Gobbo planned on usin' a Arrers Shoota, Gobbo was bringin' som' Squigs in case we boyz got hungry an' I's think he was weak. There was many more Dark Skinnies with us... but I's didn't count 'hem cuz I's think they was weak too.

So I's and da otha finaly git there, da Khaine's spot. The Gobbos and da Skinnies talked about plans while me and otha boyz HAD plan: first to charg'hem fast an' hard, then we Chop them and we end'it by stompin' da crap outta the skinnies head. So the Dark Skinnies and da Gobbos told us 'bout their plans... used too many words... wasn't gud plans. So we's said yesh and followed them and for some reason they started to plant banner at a spot... we's orcs didn't care, we's didn't came fo' fancy flag but to beat da crap outta some foes. Anyway... I's took the path o' da cave while da otha boyz were passin' outside o' cave. Me plan was to git in da back o' the 2 otha boyz battle and give skinnies gud surprise. Didnt work lik' dat... In da cav' I's entered a big round room, I's can heard da fight o' my boyz startin' outside but skinnies mad' me gifts: 2 stunties was comin' me way from otha side o' da cave. I's was so glad, stunties ar' fat so you can chop mor' than the skinnies... anyway... I's start fightin' 'hem... 1 had guns an' anotha had some stunties stoopid magik triks, I's don't like magik so I ran to dat 1 righ away. I started to chop pieces o' meat outta da magik-fatty and it made I's hungry, I coul' hear gun shootin' from me back but me armor was strong! Magik stunties fell to me choppa pretty fast, hoped fun to go longa and was served cuz I's turned back ta face the otha stunty and I saw 3 skinnies comin' from cave. They all had som' sort o' choppa and som' shield, just like I's. I's didnt run cuz Gnaarl neva run (hrr... neva backward at least). So da Epic Fight began. We turned 'round each otha, I's was always trying to keep close to 1 o' the Skinnies an' movin' away from da otha 2 (Gnaarl didnt care 'bout the gun stunties cuz like I's sed, me armor was strong). Fight went on foreva... but even if I's, Gnaarl da Karak-Varn Nob, is strong... da foes wer' many and I's was slowly gonna go see Gork & Mork soon enough... But suddenly, Waaaaarg began to take ova me... ZOMFGork! It was da stick Gobbo usin' Magik triks o' the Orcs to sav' me butt! (there's was some dark skinnies too but it isnt their story so screw 'hem!). And from da otha side o' dat cave came 1 o' me boyz! So I became enraged!!! I was goin' to Gork and Mork for sure wit such a battle! An' dat stoopid Gobbo dat know nothin' decided otha wise! I's knew Gobbos plan was crap! I's became way too strong to die! So I's chopp'd and hack'd all aroun' me! Not much longa afta dat... the Dark Skinnie used a fancy flag again! WTF!!! I went into da cav' again, pissed by the Dark Skinnies fancy ways and by the frickin' Gobbos I should have left in da ship on da beach! Then I's heard a big BOOM! and received Magik Gobbo part behind da head... Was Mork & Gork doin', I's sure of it, punished da Gobbo from stealin' their fun to fight wit' me foreva in da Orcs afta life. So I's took a piece or 2 an' returned to da war camp chewin' so nice grilled gobbo. I's learned many thing in dat battle. Gobbos ar' useles scum bag and dark skinnies ain' any betta!

Dats it... can't wait to me next battle!

... and from that day, Gnaarl roam the Blighted Isles trying to return to his Lost home in Karak-Varn, 'choppin' and 'hackin' High Elves were ever he finds them and complaining about the lack of Orcs in these parts.


Gnaarl can still be found on Warhammer Online [Waiting on the launch to choose! Server] Within the Ranks of Wat's dat again?

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