Thorn Revenge
Human Master Bounty Hunter
Star Wars Galaxies (Scylla)
The very first character I created in the very first MMO I played.

Thorn Revenge started off aimlessly trying to find what he wanted to be. Eventually he became a well known Master Bounty Hunter that took down some of the strongest Jedi. His one rule ... never killed a Jedi of the same faction. Thorn Revenge served the Emperor with class and honor.

Aside from the Bounty Hunter, Thorn Revenger also participated in city raids killing many of the rebel scum that crawled the planets. It was a good time until life changed dramatically. Gone were the days of massive PvP and the days of hunting Jedi. Thorn Revenge drowned himself in the bottle with depression and still mourns the days he felt alive. His last venture before disappearing forever was trying the Jedi skills. So sad to find the killer of many Jedi turn into what he hated most.

No one knows where he is. He left without a word. If he were to be found dead. This is what should be on his tomb.

"Death is a natural part of life. I just sped up the process."
Here lies the once well known and powerful bounty hunter Thorn Revenge

Thorn Revenge was last updated on Sat Mar 28 03:17:46 2009

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