Human Mage
World of Warcraft (The Sha'tar)
When I started WoW, 4 years ago, I created a massive number of characters untill I created this mage. When I was around level 30, I met someone who helped me get my first mount. Around level 60 - 70, my character went through a few race changes, starting as a Dwarf called Dwarvenmage, and now a Human called Drainoz. World of Warcraft has always been my favourite MMORPG, but to be honest, I've not even played much on any other. I'm looking for a great Non-anime fantasy MMORPG which I will play for a long time, free to play, and high playerbase. One that doesn't have to many wierd fetures such as meditating or grind-bots. I tried Lord of the Rings Online, Rift and Tera. They are all great games, it's just that I personaly don't like the graphics, and although it sounds strange, I like bad graphics. I just care about colour and view distance, really.
I'm hoping to play The Elder Scrolls Online for a while, when it comes out - maybe.

Drainoz can still be found on World of Warcraft [The Sha'tar Server] Within the Ranks of Everlasting

Drainoz was last updated on Tue Feb 11 11:36:04 2014

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