Briton Friar
Dark Age of Camelot (Nimue)
Also know as Rhaen (Armsman) and Azur (Infiltrator), was the GM of Black Malice along with Lisen and Wlliam. Under their leadership, Black Malice captured the Midgard relic (after a long draught of Albion failure) with just an 8 man team over a span of 2 weeks. Arlinbresch was the carrier of the relic with Lisen healing him most of the way and Rhesa speeding his path. This was a server first on Nimue. Arlinbresch/Rhaen/Azur was a part of Nimue from its begiinings until its very end. He quit playing after Nimue was clustered. He and his friends continued their bonds made on Nimue and went together to World of Warcraft and formed one of the top end game raiding guilds of its time "Malice." Arlinbresch, Fzieriel, Lisen, Wlliam, Rhesa, and Miradus are now a bunch of old foggys and have all retired to career and family life.

Arlinbresch can now be found on Retired [Life Server]

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