Half Elf Rogue
Dungeons & Dragons Online
Fantasy was a very beautiful, enamouring rogue and a
devoted follower of chaos. She was a kind and
outspoken woman who loved helping others in need.
She fell in love with a man who later lied to her
and betrayed her. He spread rumors that she had
been untrue, and when most of her friends heard this
terrible rumor they turned their backs on her.
For months, her friends tormented her and continued to
tell untruths and betray her trust. She sank into a deep
depression and dreamed only to be free of the false
judgements that people had placed upon her.
Finally the day came when the pain and anguish was just
too much for her to bare. She sharpened her long silver
dagger and plunged it into her broken heart.
She leaves behind no one except her best friend, fellow
rogue, and trusted partner in crime the Black Jaguar.
Some may say that it is just a game, do not take falsities
to heart. However the spoken word can cause harm to others.
Watch your words and be true to yourself and others. Those
who spread anger or evil only get what they have given
returned threefold.
May she rest in peace.

Fantasy can now be found on Age of Conan

Fantasy was last updated on Tue Feb 5 22:51:11 2008

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