News and updates!!


New Article: The Age of Conan Review: "A great game with a fatal flaw". Take a look HERE for a discussion on this highly anticipated game. This article itself recieved over 1200 views the first day it was up. see for yourself what the hype is all about.

Over 450 Characters!
We hit over 450 players in our database. Very Cool!! Keep those submissions coming.
Erky (RuneScape) <-- Our 450th Character!!!

Over 7000 MMORPG Searches! 7000 searches!! . The Online MMORPG Finder has really taken off. Thanks to everyone whos given great feedback. Try it out HERE


Vacation: Hey guys, took a week off from site updates. Enjoyed taking part in AoC General Beta. Ill have an article up on that in the next week. Keep an eye out for it.

New Article: How "Free" are F2P MMOs. Take a look HERE for a discussion on how F2P MMOs make money (Often from you).

New Feature: Added Digg and StumbleUpon links to Main entry page and MMORPG Finder pages. Please take the time to send a digg or a stumble if you like this sites content. It takes only a click and it helps a lot. Thanks all!

New MMORPGs Added! And one removed
Dream Of Mirror Online (Yes I know its in Beta, but too many people are asking for it)
HellGate London
Sims Online (Removed...will be brought down in Aug 2008)


New Feature: New search criteria are available for the MMORPG Finder. you can now search for MMORPG games based on Cost. Also you can search MMORPGs based on how much gold selling is available for that game. PLayers who hate gold farming can search for games with less gold sellers, and those players who make use of online currency purchases can search for games with more. The article describing the MMMORPG finder has also been updated. Read how the MMORPG finder works HERE.

New MMORPGs Added! The list of MMORPGs searched in the MMORPG finder now includes
Sword of the new World


New Terrain: A new Terrain is now available in the Forest of Moreesh'll. This terrain has a unique animates VOLCANO in its background. I hope to add more terrains with unique animations such as this in the future. Take a look at this monument to see the new terrain!
Tolstari Moonarrow (Dungeons & Dragons Online)

New Feature: There are now MMORPG Finder stats available at the bottom of the SITE STATISTICS page. These stats will give you some insight as to what kinds of MMORPGs players were looking for. With close to 5000 searches already, it demonstrates some very interesting trends. Take a look HERE to see the stats.

Over 25,000 Monument Views!:The site continued to generate momentum and new visitors. Thanks to everyone who has submitted their characters! Remember to link your character's monument on forum signatures so people can find and learn about your characters.


New Article: To answer a lot of the questions I've been receiving regarding the MMORPG Finder, I wrote an article "The MMORPG Finder: How it works". Read it HERE and it may give you better insite as to how this code works and how to use it to find MMORPGs that you will enjoy.

Over 400 Characters!
We hit over 400 players in our database. Very Cool!! Keep those submissions coming.
Sigebreoht (The Lord of the Rings Online) <-- Our 400th Character!!!

New MMORPGs Added! The list of MMORPGs searched in the MMORPG finder now includes
Holic Online


New Feature: Forums! Ive gone back and reinitiated a forums for the site. These forums are very simple and here for a specific provide in depth discussion about finding new MMORPGs. This compliments the MMORPG finder to give feedback on the games you tried and what you found. Join the forums and add your thoughts and advice HERE

Over 2000 MMORPG Searches! Two weeks, 2000 searches! . The Online MMORPG Finder has really taken off. Thanks to everyone whos given great feedback. Try it out HERE

Article Updated! The WAR vs AoC Areticle has been updated. With official Specs for AoC and more in depth Gameplay for both games. Check it out HERE

New MMORPGs Added! The list of MMORPGs searched in the MMORPG finder now includes
Zu Online


Over 1000 MMORPG Searches! In only the first week of beig online. The Online MMORPG Finder has really taken off. Thanks to everyone whos given great feedback. Try it out HERE

New Feature! The MMORPG Finder can now be searched by Character Customization. No surprise here that Second life Tops this catagory.

New Feature! Added Martial Arts as a search Genre for the MMORPG finder.

New MMORPGs Added! The list of MMORPGs searched in the MMORPG finder now includes



New Feature! The MMORPG Finder. Now up and running a long desired project of mine. Searching to find a new game but dont want to read hundreds of reviews and scores that often conflict site to site. There is now an online code that allows you to find games based on content, features, cost, genre, etc. Take a Look
The MMORPG Finder

Over 350 Characters!
We hit over 350 players in our database. Very Cool!! Keep those submissions coming.

Over 20,000 monument views.
Since starting this site up 6 months ago, the character monuments have been viewed over 20,000 times. Thanks to everyone who strolls through the monuments and to all those who create a monument for their characters.


Lots of behind the scene work this week. Finished the new webpage updates. All pages are now to the new Format. Created a new website logo Picture. Working hard to get our new MMORPG finder up and running. Stay Tuned!


A New Look!
As you may notice, I redid the front page for the website. Over the next week I will be converting the old template designs to the new format. Trying to make the site more appealing and up to date.

New Article
What Blizzard did right and did wrong with World of Warcraft. This is a collection of my thoughts regarding the most dominant MMORPG past and present. Here it lists things that I will look for and look out for in the next MMORPG I play.

Over 100 World of Warcraft Players
We hit over 100 WoW players in our database. Very Cool!! Keep those submissions coming.
Lumianta (World of Warcraft) <-- The 100th WoW Character!


Thanks to everyone who has created a monument for their characters. Keep those submissions coming! Remember to say what games you are now playing.
Joq Harper (Guild Wars) <-- Our 300th Character!

OVER 300 Objects!!!
A huge milestone! There are now 150 objects in the monument database for use. Axes to armor, fires to fountains. We will keep adding new weapons, armor and other items for you to place and create an area just right for your toons.

New Objects: 4 new Enchantment circles now available for you to use in the monument creator. All are now located in the 'Mystic circle' menu. Take a look at this example.
Kainouss (Dark Age of Camelot)
Voraan (World of Warcraft)

Updates: Made updates and corrections to the WAR Vs AoC article. AoC's release date is now listed. The preseumed suggested system requirements for AoC is also updated. Clarified gameplay based on visitors comments. Check out the article HERE


New Feature: All characters that belong to the same player will now be listed at the bottem of the each monument page. This will allow visitors to easily find all the characters from each player. This system is based on the listed email for each character. To ensure your characters are now linked, just login HERE and then click the 'Edit Text' button. You can then add or edit your email. Take a look at this character monument and look for the links.
Noctavigant (Warhammer, Age of Reckoning)

New feature: I have removed the "None Listed" option for all the statistics graphs. This way you see more of the player choices in games, races, etc. Due to an assault of characters by the forces of Hall Of Heroes and its alligned guilds, GUILD WARS is making a run to overtake DAOC and Everquest (WTG guys). To see all the statistics, Just click HERE

New feature: You can now see how many visitors have come to your monument. To do so just Login HERE. Below each of your characters will list the number of visits for each monument. To ensure your characters get seen, remember to list your character's monument links in signature files on forum sites or on your own websites/blogs.

New Objects: 3 new ANIMATED objects! FirePool, Smoker2, And Weaponstand3 are all now available for placing in character monuments each with complex animations. Take a look at this example.
Mardigan (Everquest)


19 new Items added!
Added 14 new weapons, 2 new terrain objects, one unique item, and 2 fires to the database. This includes 11 ANIMATED objects such as flaming swords , magic staves, fires, and enchantment circles. Take a look here

Due to the number of new weapons, I have altered the object menu in the monument creation interface. New submenues of Melee Weapons, Caster Weapons and Particle Weapons can easily be selected now.

Added a smoking animation to display for newly created items as they load.


Thanks to everyone who has created a monument for their MMORPG characters. Keep those submissions coming
Schmac A (Guild Wars) <-- Our 250th Character!

A significant number of Water animation objects have been split off and created their own section in the monument creation interface. You can find and select them in the POOLS AND WATER tab

2 new pools are now available for placement in character rmonuments. 'Fountain Pool' and 'Blood Pool'. Take a look at these examples
Kamidious Hawlor (Dungeons & Dragons Online) <-- Fountain Pool
Nariel (Everquest) <-- Blood Pool


As more and more MMORPG characters are being submitted, I added instant search buttons to the monument display page. The buttons are preset to allow yourself and others to find characters similar to the one being displayed. Finding characters from the same game and server. Or characters of the same class, race and guild which may or may not be from the same game. For example, Take a look at the character
Jetto (Dark Age of Camelot)

Viewing this charatcer you can now also easily find others from DAOC, and those from the server, Igraine. In addition you can find other Enchanters (From DAOC and other games) and Elves (From DAOC and other games)

NEW ARTICLE! "Want That Beta Invite? Consider the Odds"
As I (and half a million others) pray for a chance to play WAR beta. I Though I would have some fun with the odds of you getting accepted if one spot opened up today. Try not to become depressed.



New Star Wars galaxies Template Monuments. 3 unique monuments set in the SWG terrains. This will allow you to set up a cool monument for your characters quickly. Take a look at these monuments to see the terrains
Llyncu (Star Wars Galaxies)
Atraonfire (Guild Wars)

4 new objects! Three SWG themed objects include green and red lightsabers, and a monument seen within SWG itself. Also a new animated Brazier fire. Over 120 objects and animations are now available.

You are now able to easily switch between the Custom Monument Interface and the Monument Template selection pages when placing in new characters.


Due to numerous requests. New Terrain zone is now available!
Seven terrains including areas from Tatooine, Naboo and Endor for players to place their character monuments. If you want to take a look at these new terrains just head to the monument interface page and choose the SWG icon. To add one of your SWG characters just go to the submission page.

FIREFLIES have invaded the burial ground monuments. These glowing animations are now dancing around all monuments who have chosen to be placed during SUNSET. Fireflies are automatically placed and will be seen when the monument is displayed or previewed. Fireflies will not appear in desert or snowland terrains.
Take a look at these examples of monuments with fireflies
Tokar (Final Fantasy XI)
Jerek (Dark Age of Camelot)
LordMamao (Fly For Fun)


NEW ARTICLE : The Pros and cons of Dark Age of Camelot. Read it HERE

Constructed a whole new area looking at the statistics of all the players who create a monument to their characters. Find out which monument is seen the most, what games the characters are from and what games players have moved on to. Take at look HERE or click SITE STATISTICS in the left menu

New item created. The Bone Pillars. This item is now available to be placed in all monuments. To see these pillars, check out this recent monument
Domica (World of Warcraft)

1-1-08 (Happy New Year!)

added 2 new terrains to the World of Warcraft monument zones. including one of the 7 wonders of World of Warcraft ...the Stonewrought Dam. With this I edited one of the Warcraft monument templates to take advantage of the new terrain. This new template can be used for any new character added. Check out this monument to see it.
Lordoth Farklarr (World of Warcraft) <--Warcraft Temnplate #3

Added an easy link glossary to each article. This ought to make reading or skimming the articles much easier. Check the article page out HERE


I hope everyone got what they wanted for Xmas, Hanukkah, or whatever holiday you celebrate. If you didnt, check out some of the gift ideas to buy for yourself at the side of every character monument.

Thanks to everyone who has created a monument for their MMORPG characters. Keep those submissions coming
Kuldahar Disfunctional (Dark Age of Camelot) <-- Our 200th Character!

A comparison between WARHAMMER ONLINE and AGE OF CONAN. Check it out HERE and add your comments.

Made some behind the scene adjustments to the character monuments. A loading bar has been added so visitors can see the progress of the monument graphics and animations. This will make the monument displayes a little less choppy.


2 new terrains added to DAOC zone. A dungeon and a midgard terrain area. Also added a new statue to all monument areas. My first forey into Poser. If you are any good at poser, please SEND ME some tips!
Anton BlackAdder (Everquest) <--Example of The new dungeon terrain

First article is up and online. How to find a new MMORPG. Take a look at it HERE in the article section. Please read and feel free to comment. I'll incorporate any comments into the text so we cane make it an outstanding read. Working on the Next Article WAR Vs AoC: The Comparison. Should have that one up in a week or so. Keep the FEEDBACK coming.

There have been a LOT of character submissions! Thankyou! Because of this I increased the number of recent character submissions at the bottem of the main page to 5.


New objects added!! Dark Age of Camelot headstones (hib, mid, and alb) added to DAOC, Forest, Desert, Grassland and Snowlands monument zones. Also for all the MMORPG villians out there, new SKULLS and grave mounds are available. Take a look at these examples.
Gigi (Dark Age of Camelot) <-- Skulls put to good use
Yruddry (Dark Age of Camelot) <-- New DAOC headstones

Totally Revamped the Tutorial to bring the tutorial up to the newest version of the Monument creation interface. This page will go step by step on how to make an awsome monument for your characters that truely statnds out! View the TUTORIAL HERE!!

New FEEDBACK and ARTICLES Sections Added! This site just keeps growing. A Feedback section was coded to allow you to give direct feedback and view the feedback of other players. Check out the FEEDBACK SECTION HERE and give your thoughts and suggestions. Im working on a few MMORPG articles to help players who visit. Check back soon.


Over 150 characters Submitted!
Thanks to everyone who has created a monument for their MMORPG characters. Keep those submissions coming!
Jetto (Dark Age of Camelot) <-- Our 150th character

7 NEW preset monument templates to choose!
One for each monument zone. Many were created to be very intricate and some using objects from the special animation menu. Check out these examples!
Brad' (Star Wars Galaxies)
Elpinna (Dark Age of Camelot)
Firey Sundering (Everquest)

Monument creator interface updated!
You can now change the scene depth of objects you place into your monument dynamically. Move objects into and behind other objects or outwards to the front.


New DESERT MONUMENT AREA created! 3 different terrains in the rugged and treacherous Hator'n Badlands. Also made a very cool SANDSTORM weather effect just for the desert enviornment. In addition, added 5 new monuments and 2 spires for all zones.
Take a look at these monuments for examples of this cool enviornment.
Fantasy (Dungeons & Dragons Online)
Serena Blackthorn <-- view the SANDSTORM


Rocks and boulders have been added to several zones (all except Snowlands).
4 new WEAPONS added (Axes and Halberds)!
Working on a new standard character monument zone (Desert!) for monument placement.
Keep those submissions coming!


BIRDS are flying through the monuments! Birds are only seen in the daylight, just like the shooting starts are found only at night. These animations are added automatically, you do not need to do anything but sit back and watch.


12 NEW SKIES added. 4 daytime, 4 sunset and 4 nighttime skies in all to illuminate your character's scenes.

NEW Monument zone. LORD OF THE RINGS ONLINE. 6 terrains within the LOTRO world for you to create and place your LOTRO (or any other) chars. Just enter the Monument Creator and click on the Lord of the rings scene icon.

Got rid of the Forums. They are now links to other main forum websites. If you want your forum added, just let me know.


Lots of 'Behind the Scenes' work. Totally revamped the Monument creation Code. Now you can try out designing and creating monuments for fun. Just click HERE to have fun devising any number of unique sites.


Over 100 Chars listed!!! Thanks to all who started. 100 down, about 8 million to go :) I also worked hard to revamp the entire custom monument creation code. You can now switch between monument zones with a click of a button giving you a huge variety of terrains to enjoy. I will continue to debug the editor. New Weather Effects...Snow, Rain and Fog. For a cool illustraton, check out
ThunderMan (World of Warcraft) <-- also our 100th Char!


11 NEW ANIMATED OBJECTS added!!. These objects have very sophisticated 2d partical effects. They look very cool, and it was difficult to keep the file sizes down. Take a look at several chars who have already used these new objects in their character monuments
Crysania Riverblade (Everquest)
Ertai (Dungeons & Dragons)
Awned (World of Warcraft)

These new objects are available for WARCRAFT and FOREST zones currently, however I will be adding them to the remainder soon. These objects are avaiable to all those who have helped out the site. To find out how you can help this site grow, please FOLLOW THIS LINK


A new Zone for all your characters of Dark Ages of Camelot! Currently there are 3 areas (one for each realm). I will be adding more terrains as the week goes on and I have time to take the screenies. Also NEW animated flags. 9 flags now animated!! Add them into your character's monument using the custom monument creator, or revamp your already existing monument by loging in and editing the monument.


New Weapons, new animations. Animated pools are available in grasslands and World of Warcraft. New Preview function! Will allow you to see your monument graphics with animations before you hit save. Should allow everyone to play around with different setups. Working on DAOC monument zone.


New Monument zone for World of Warcraft. Although I have no preference for this game, there is no doubt that it is the biggest MMORPG out there now. Also, guaging a lot of online chatter, I expect a large exodus over the coming months are OaC and Warhammer are coming out. I expect a lot of WoW characters to be retired and so here now is a good place to list them.

Made some nice changes to all nighttime displays.
New weapons added to many zones.
The monument editor is now working for all registered users.


The site is up and going great. Did some code cleaup following the first character submissions. Added new objects to the snowlands creation interface. Added new monument custon creation tutorial that ought to help people out in designing their character's page. Planning on grabbing a few more objects and then finish off the World of warcraft monument zone.


ok, The site is officially open. submitted our presence to the web search engines. Things are looking good. Made upgrades to snowlands area with the addition of objects and trees that really bring it out. Will spend the rest o the week mking finese changes to the other two sites and focus on a WoW specific area. Could be a lot of work for what may end up to be a barren site.


Things are set. Constructed the Username/password logins and upgraded to allow editing of characters following submission. With that, a lot of reconstruction of many pages for security. Very close to listing the site on the search engins and then fully concentrate on monument items and graphics.


Lots of minor things to make the site more presentable. Fixing up the namedisplays. EDITING of character monuments is now possible. Things are looking real good. I believe im in the home stretch before I can concentrate on item creation and open the site to the public.


Yet another area made!!! TheForrest of Moreesh'll. im getting a lot better at land creation. made a logt of changes to allow streamlining for multiple lands. Kept the cool items from the previous HILLS area but I plan on nixing the forrest and making these areas a Japanese/American Indian themed.


Finished 2nd site. "Taithmar Hills" Its looking very cool. I decided to go with a japanese theme as opposed to the viking theme on the Snowlands. Working on coordinating all the logistics in the CGI scripts and it seems to be coming together. Should be able to finish it up fairly soon and start working on the third land with a forrest Theme. I am thinking after that, can likely open the site and work on improvements then. Very cool


A long day. Updated the new menu to include all options. Reset the webpage templates. Fixed links and images.Fixed chardisplay CGI code. Nearly complete on the FLASH monument creation program for snowlands. I'm close enough that I think I can make the 2nd area soon.